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Eneos Brand

"ENEOS" was coined from the words "ENERGY" and "NEOS" which means NEW in Greek.

The brand mark designs "Energy" by a symbolical form. The globe in the center represents "Reliability" and "Continuity", and the spiral spreading outword symbolizes "Creativity" and "Innovation".

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation Profile

JX Nippon Oil & Energy is Japan’s largest oil company operating 9 refineries and over 11,000 gasoline stations in Japan. JX Nippon Oil operates internationally with sales offices throughout the world.

Corporate History

  • 1888 - Nippon Oil Company Limited incorporated
  • 1931 - Mitsubishi Oil Company Limited incorporated
  • 1999 - Nippon Oil & Mitsubishi Oil merged to form Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corporation
  • 2002 - Company name changed to Nippon Oil Corporation
  • 2010 - Nippon Oil Corporation merged with Nippon Mining Holdings, Inc. to form JX Holdings, Inc.
    - JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. operates under the JX Holdings, Inc. umbrella

Treasuring each and every encounter

In Japanese, there is a proverb – "treasure every meeting, for it will never recur” – that expresses the importance of all encounters because each may occur only once in a lifetime. The ENEOS brand seeks to create those significant and meaningful encounters with you through our superior quality lubricants portfolio.

JX Nippon Oil is proud to have earned the trust of many customers who know us as a vertically integrated oil company - involved in all aspects of the Japanese market. Additionally, our technical capabilities are highly regarded by Japanese automobile, motorcycle and outboard manufacturers, to whom we supply lubricants for factory filling and genuine oil. We continue to refine our product development efforts to meet the demanding technical requirements put forth by those manufacturers. As their worldwide businesses grow, our own operations too have been gradually expanding – branching out from our domestic roots to find a new global footing.We thank you for your interest in the ENEOS brand. We hope that you join us in our effort to promote the brand’s global expansion.

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